Project Benefits
  • Water supply reliability
    for agricultural and
    municipal uses
  • Sustainability of region’s agricultural operations
  • Development of
    clean energy
  • Flood control
  • Recreation
  • Economic (jobs; recreation-based tourism)

How to Keep a Beautiful Garden

Even a simple house could look so beautiful and striking when it has a garden in it. The garden serves as a place for natural things to grow and bloom like flowers, plants and trees. It also serves as a habitat for animals like birds and butterflies. It is a sanctuary for nature to really shine over you and your house. One of the best things to have in a garden is the water garden. The water garden has many uses. It beautifies your yard. It creates a home for small fishes and it even creates a place for birds and plants. It is an all-in-one package of beauty that you can associate in your garden.

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In addition, having a garden is one thing and adding some items or figures in it is another thing. Do not let your garden deteriorate. Try beautifying it. You should be able to finish what you have started. This means that once you have a garden, you should take some steps to keep and maintain it. Here are some Water Garden Tips that will give you more ideas on how to make your garden more beautiful and useful:

  • In your water garden, make sure that you only use the proper soil and pot for planting. You should search for the right soil and pots to use so that you will not end up with a messy garden. Remember to always be equipped and this means that you should use only the right and proper things.
  • You should be able to choose aquatic plants alone and not plants that only survive on land. You very well know that plants come in different sizes, shapes and colors and this includes the fact that they also have different needs in terms of location and habitat. Aquatic plants like water lilies will definitely survive in water garden. However, there are also land plants that can be used for water garden for as long as they are placed in an aquatic pot and proper soil.
  • Add some effects on the water garden. You can add some temples, figures and structures on it to make it look more beautiful and accommodating. This will also give your water garden a story. Perhaps you would like to adopt the idea of putting Chinese, Egyptian and Japanese ornaments to create a more continental story or history to your garden. Make it fun and be creative.
  • You can put small fishes or if you have a huge water garden, you can add geese or ducks in it. They will be a picture perfect for a serene and calming outdoor atmosphere.

These tips should be of great help to you and in your gardening activity. Take a step in making your water garden more beautiful and useful for you and for the animals. This should be the guide to your water garden. Nothing is more beautiful than having your own garden.