Project Benefits
  • Water supply reliability
    for agricultural and
    municipal uses
  • Sustainability of region’s agricultural operations
  • Development of
    clean energy
  • Flood control
  • Recreation
  • Economic (jobs; recreation-based tourism)

Environment Tips

Gardens are very special in all houses. They are the ones that balance the look, atmosphere and environment of your house. Without them, your house would look plainly boring and you will never get to experience fresh air. You will also not be able to help in keeping nature clean and far from possible damage. Sine the ozone layer is already damaged, one thing that you can do to help is to somehow have garden full of plants and trees. One that will certainly help this planet and you is the water garden. The water garden has many elements associated in it like water and wood. You can also put some beautiful items like temples, animals and so many more.

Here are more Water Garden Tips that will contribute in helping the environment:

  • Make a compost pit. This compost pit should serve as a place for any items that will destroy your garden. All these things, especially those destroying elements should be placed in here. As much as possible keep your garden clean and green. Build a place for you to have more time to rest than a place for you to worry about.
  • Include more plants, flowers and trees into it. Plants help in exuding oxygen which is very helpful for you as a human being and it is also helpful for the environment so that it will have a fresh atmosphere. The flowers help the birds, butterflies and the bees to get their food and meal for the day. These flowers produce beautiful scents as well. Their colors also add to the beauty of the garden. The trees in the garden will give shade and spot for you to rest or perhaps place a hammock for your relaxation time.
  • To really help the environment you should use recycled things in creating your water garden. There are recycled fertilizers and soil available for your planting. You do not have to buy new ones all over again besides recycled ones are cheaper and more accessible.
  • You should avoid throwing or tolerating any throwing of plastic bags or items in your water garden as this will worsen its condition. Once it looked beautiful and not it turns into something useless and very dirty. Your garden pets might also suffer from suffocation if you allow this to happen. Again, if you have a compost pit no trash will go directly to your water garden or pond.
  • Recheck the condition of your water garden or pond. You should know if there is something wrong in it beforehand. If you let it take place then there is a possibility that it will not last for a period when you want it to.

Be a responsible homeowner. Even if you are living your life and doing your own business you should also have social and environment awareness and responsibility. You should apply these things in creating a water garden or pond. Start today.